Pastor Gene Emerson

Gene Emerson shares the "joy of the Lord" in word and song in churches, city parks, prisons, or wherever opportunities are available.  After winning a talent contest in the early 1970's and singing before an Oakridge Boy's concert, Gene ran from the call of God on his life for over 25 years.  "That run" admits Gene, "has cost me dearly over the years."  In recent years, Emerson has seen the power of God restore the things that life has taken from him.  Emerson has sang and ministered at the Wyoming State Prison, Sweetwater County Detention Center, and the Honor Farm.  He has also sang at "Celebrate Jesus" in Moab, UT., the Power of the Pavilion in Saratoga, Wyoming as well as various other outside events around the state.  In the summer of 2001, Emerson toured with the Chariots of Light Christian Motorcycle Club on a 5 day tour of Montana, singing in several meetings conducted by Dr. Jerry Savelle, founder and president of Chariots of Light.  In May of 2002, Emerson had the honor of singing at "Thunder Over Texas" at the Texas Motor Speedway, sponsored by the Chariots of Light.  "It was so awesome to meet some of the great men of faith;  Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis, and be able to sing right before Jesse came up to preach on Saturday night,"  said Emerson.  "But the most awesome thing was to be told that this was going over Sky Angel Satellite to about 88 prisons in 22 states."  Emerson performed before a crowd of about 8,000 people while at the rally.  After the bike rally in Texas, Gene went to Cameron, AZ to do his first full concert on the Navajo Indian Reservation.  For the past several years Gene has ministered at the "Healing of the Nations" bike rally in kayenta and Sedona, AZ. with Pastor Ellson Bennett, the founder of the rally.  


With a variety of rock and country music in his blood, Emerson performs songs he has rewritten by Garth Brooks; "Friends in low places", Charlie Daniels; "Devil Went Down to Georgia", and Steppenwolf's; "Born to Be Wild".  Emerson also does more traditional praise and worship songs in his concerts.




Gene has taken two plane rides, but no ordinary plane rides.  These were "Life Flights" to the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.  The first was Easter day 2005 for a hemorrhagic stroke that Gene suffered.  In 19 days, Gene was home recovering quickly by the power of God.  On October 31, 2006, Gene was afflicted with a heart attack.  He ended up having a quadruple bypass, and was home four days after his surgery.  Once again, God is so faithful! 


Gene is the founder of 4joy Ministries, which is an outreach of Restoration Ministries, "The Biker Church" in Rock Springs, WY.  He currently co-leads Restoration Ministries with Mechell Williams.  He is also the Wyoming president for the Chariots of Light Christian Motorcycle Club, an outreach of Jerry Savelle Ministries International. Gene was ordained in 2007.  Gene and his wife JoLynn, are available to minister at your church or event.  You can contact them at:


Gene Emerson


Pastor Mechell Williams

Mechell Williams is a fun, creative, and dynamic teacher that has been impacting the lives of believers and unbelievers alike who have struggled in all areas of their life.

As a graduate of Jerry Savelle Bible School and ordained in 2008, she continues to be part of the Senior Leadership team, teaching and preaching the anointed Word of God at Restoration Ministries.

She's been involved in prison ministry since 2007 and has traveled to various places preaching and teaching including "The Healing of the Nations" in Hidden Springs, Arizona.

She is the author of "The Anointing Junky" series of bible studies and devotionals.  She also offers the "Restored Life Teaching Series" helping people who are struggling to move forward in life getting them to their greatest potential.

Pastor Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards is a seasoned business and ministry leader with over 25 years of experience.  He has developed and led both profit and non-profit companies.  


In the mid and late 1980's, he was involved in furniture retail, both as sales manager and Vice-President of a large company, with sales revenue in excess of $40 million dollars.  Later in the early 1990's, he owned several retail outlets which grossed almost $5 million in sales, located in Missouri, Minnesota, Texas and Louisiana.  In 1993 he entered into the ministry where he began a church in St. Charles, MO. which he continued to Pastor until he took a position in Fort Worth, TX. with an International Ministry with several overseas offices called, Jerry Savelle Ministries International.  There he served as assistant to the General Manager and then became General Manager overseeing a staff of 50 people in the USA and working providing support to overseas offices.  Duties included every aspect of management, a TV ministry, media development and production, and the many individual outreaches including the Chariots of Light Christian Motorcycle Ministry.  

He was the National Director for a season and still remains an active member of the Chariots of Light Christian Motorcylcle Club which he is a charter member.  He came on board the leadership team at Restoration Ministries in 2002.

Today he and his wife, Maj, live in Canada where they pastor Restoration Church in Val Caron, ON.  They pioneer churches in Northern Ontario and lead a radio ministry.  Jeff continues to be part of the leadership team at Restoration Ministries in Wyoming

Jeff is known for teaching powerful and simple life changing practical truths with insight and humor, that bring hope and comfort along with the courage to move ahead in any situation developing a "Never Quit Attitude"

Pastor Laurie Emmett

Laurie is a seasoned believer of 35 plus years.  Her and her husband, Del, moved to Wyoming in 1991 where she taught children's church for 12 years and led bible studies at the senior citizen's center for 12 years.  She also had a bus ministry, transporting people to church and then back home.

Laurie was injured in a couple accidents that left her very hurt and desperate to live so she began to learn the Word of God and listen to TBN concerning healing.  She told the Lord that if it was indeed His will to heal her it needed to be 120% so she could go out and do His works.  She will forever be grateful for the miraculous healing He gave her.  Shortly after that she was called to Restoration Ministries and has been there for 19 years.

Laurie has been part of the worship team for years.  She loves to teach bible studies and is a graduate of the Jerry Savelle Correspondence School.  She is also a member of the Chariots of Light Christian Motorcycle Club and one of the founders of the Annual Dean Quail Against Cancer Run, a ministry giving hope to those fighting cancer.  She is a licensed minister of the gospel with a passionate evangelistic heart.

Laurie and Del are blessed with 3 amazing kids, a wonderful son-in-law and awesome grandchildren of which 2 are in motocross.

Laurie loves riding bikes and telling others about Jesus!

A personal note: God is so good!  I thank our Father God for our new adventures in Him and loving people right where they are at.  For His word says, "Love covers a multitude."





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